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Transitioning to Swift Class Finds Receptive Audience Among Objective-C Developers

Posted by About Objects

We recently completed another onsite delivery of our 3-day Transitioning to Swift course for a major enterprise client in the D.C. Metro area. The course is targeted to Objective-C developers with solid experience on the iOS platform — a perfect fit for the customer's team, whose members had anywhere from 1-4 years of iOS experience.

Transitioning to Swift begins with a rapid, hands-on introduction to Swift, with a strong focus on the language features and usage patterns that tend to come up most commonly in everyday Cocoa development. After spending the first two days providing a solid grounding in language fundamentals, the course shifts focus to the study of a non-trivial example app that illustrates the use of Swift in the context of implementing a number of typical iOS app features. Some of the topics covered include: working with view controllers and data sources, accessing REST services, using Grand Central Dispatch to manage concurrency, and working with model objects (including data marshaling).

Attendees were excited about Swift's streamlined syntax and modern language features, including tuples, pattern matching, generics, and closures. After getting a solid, hands-on feel for Swift in the context of a realistic iOS code base, the group was eager to get rolling with Swift on their real-world projects. Overall feedback on the class was great. The team was particularly appreciative of the course's inclusion of coverage of a number of advanced iOS development techniques, some of which they hadn't previously encountered.