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CocoaHeads DC 2016

Posted by About Objects

Jonathan Lehr spent the evening at a Washington Post office in Washington, D.C., giving a talk on Streamlining JSON Mapping to an audience of local developers. Like many great user group meetings, this one started with pizza and soda.


You can do what with the Core Data model editor?

The evening centered on Jonathan's exploration of the Modelmatic framework as a tool for mapping JSON dictionaries to model objects via an external data model. He demonstrated how developers can use Xcode's built-in Core Data Model Editor to define an abstract model that the Modelmatic framework can then use to encode and decode objects to/from JSON data.


Many of the questions that arose during Q&A centered around Core Data. For example, would Modelmatic work with Core Data managed objects? (Answer: not yet, but support for managed objects is coming.) However, the proposed new feature that seemed to provoke the greatest interest was the possibility of inferring a data model from a provided JSON sample (also contemplated for an upcoming release).