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iOSDevCamp DC 2016

Posted by About Objects

Members of the About Objects recently attended an all day iOS developers conference at Capital One in McLean, Virginia. The event, whose ticket sales benefited Women Who Code DC, was about bringing local (and beyond) developers together to hear the latest on iOS development from a host of prominent dev-centric speakers. Whether it was Michele Titolo’s opening Multitasking the Hard Way, Tom Harrington’s Mastering UIStackView (a personal favorite), or Natasha Murashev’s Practical Protocols with Associated Types in Swift, developers at iOSDevCamp 2016 were presented with a feast of practical, modern iOS development tools and tips. And an actual feast, too.

UIStackView to the Rescue

Tom Harrington’s “Mastering UIStackView” stole the show, spawning a series of tweets and blog posts about the topic. It seems few were aware that UIStackView was such a versatile, functional class that could save developers a ton of time typically spent tweaking constraints until they’ve satisfied their Interface Builder warnings. As Tom explained and illustrated through the use of an emoji drop down menu, stack views provide the ability to hide and reveal items by setting the isHidden property rather than manually adjusting the height of the object. You can check out his blog post on the topic here.