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About Objects Participates in CocoaConf DC

Posted by About Objects

Several members of the About Objects team participated in this year's CocoaConf DC, held September 9–10 at the Crowne Plaza in Herndon, VA. Jonathan Lehr, our VP, Training, gave a talk entitled "Streamlining JSON Mapping" that covered the Modelmatic open source framework developed here at About Objects. Modelmatic makes it possible to use Xcode's Core Data Model Editor to model the mappings between JSON data and Swift model objects. The framework is then able to use the metadata captured in the model to automate encoding and decoding, eliminating the need to write hand-maintained mapping directives in Swift code.

Jonathan also taught a class entitled "Swift for Objective-C Developers," a rapid, hands-on introduction to Swift geared to developers with previous experience writing Cocoa apps in Objective-C. The class scored well on evaluation surveys, with one attendee writing in a score of '6' on a scale of 1–5 for 'Speaker Expertise.' Another participant concluded, "Thorough treatment of Swift language compared to Objective-C. Many obscure features made easy to understand. Excellent/comprehensive!"